Mille Miglia 2023… a great edition!

In silent drum I celebrate my own now 5-year edition 1000 miglia! Some will look condescending because surely they have done better… but I am proud of myself, and where I was allowed to come and where I am allowed to be! And no that doesn’t always come naturally.

One day you decide to change course, and do your working life differently from what you, and also those around you, are used to!

And then also in a branch where many drop out or completely don’t get it. And yet I managed to leave the safe harbour at the time….

Meanwhile, the company has existed for 6.5 years and we have been able to build it up from nothing to something! And we are building steadily and are far from finished!

As a small company, you need big companies! But also definitely Visa versa and that is often forgotten by many!

Not for example for GPS, for whom I have been allowed to do many great assignments (including the mille) and who I am very familiar with, and with mutual respect for each other, and that is worth a lot to me, and I dare to say that!

This edition mille was another one… wonderful collaboration with as many as 10 trucks with cars and parts in beautiful Italy.

A joint game, something that only goes with cooperation and for that I am grateful, and proud!

On to more great moments where we will again be ready for our customers and our fellow companies.

Mille Miglia 2023 went for us, from unloading in Brescia, to Rome, loading again

Brescia yesterday and today… and heading home again tomorrow!

Enjoy my beautiful moments with me via the pictures